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05 Oct, Wednesday
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Bull Trader USA

Autotrader: Ford closes reservations for electric F-150 at 200,000

Ford F, -2.85% has removed the ability for shoppers to leave a deposit on an upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, which means every example the automaker plans to build over a 3-year run has been spoken for.

The automaker will start converting those reservations into actual orders, at which time a dealer will contact those who left a deposit to pick out the trim level, options, and colors for their trucks.

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In May, Ford received about 44,000 reservations in the first 48 hours after unveiling the F-150 Lightning. Since then, the automaker has filled all 200,000 reservation slots.

While Ford is now building prototypes of the F-150 Lightning, production of models actually headed to dealers is expected to begin in early 2022. Consumer deliveries are still slated for sometime next spring.

The automaker has not confirmed production numbers for the truck. However, CEO Jim Farley has indicated Ford is looking for ways to assemble more Lightning models than it had initially intended. Early reports indicated Ford earmarked production space for 15,000 trucks in 2022, growing to 55,000 in 2023 and as many as 150,000 by 2025. After that, it is widely expected that Ford will unveil a redesigned F-150 Lightning model.

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The F-150 Lightning is set to start at around $40,000 for the fleet-oriented version, which will offer a 230-mile cruising range. Costlier versions use higher-capacity batteries good for an extra 70 miles of range.

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