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Top Ten: Weekend reads: What to talk about over Thanksgiving dinner and what to binge on afterward

Along with best wishes for a pleasant Thanksgiving, MarketWatch has plenty of tips for making the most of your long weekend.

Five things NOT to buy on Black Friday

You may not actually be scoring that great a deal, or even at all. Here’s the MarketWatch tipsheet.

More: How stock market investors can play Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales reports

Plus gift inspirations from Bill Gates: The Microsoft co-founder’s annual holiday list of favorite reads is unusual in that it has more fiction than nonfiction.

Talk money, not politics, over Thanksgiving

Read this before you meet the relatives: No matter your age, here’s how to tell if your finances are on the right track

Then share more tips from MarketWatch’s “how to invest” series.

Plus: Are the holidays the right time to have the money talk with your parents?

And: I was mistakenly added to the deed on my father-in-law’s house. What are the tax consequences for my family?

Foxconn, EV manufacturer?

Foxconn’s Model C


This company

builds the iPhone for Apple
the Kindle for Amazon
the Xbox for Microsoft
most PlayStations for Sony
most Nintendo gaming systems and many computer components. Now Foxconn has unveiled three electric vehicles it hopes to sell globally within two years: a midsize SUV, a midsize sedan and a bus. See more photos here. 

The real message from executives’ stock sales

Some claim insiders have never been more bearish, but Mark Hulbert says they’re reading the data wrong.

Plus: Elon Musk’s Tesla

stock sales now reach nearly $10 billion.

And: Six stocks — three stalwarts and three upstarts — in the red-hot cybersecurity sector.

Read your new-look Social Security statement now

Half the length, more visuals and a clearer message — but remember, the personalized estimates are based on your earnings to date and assume you continue to earn the same each year until you start your benefits.

Plus: In your 50s and not sleeping well? It’ll make you feel older — maybe even look it

Both sides agree this is a job for government

Three-quarters of Americans think the government should help them save for retirement and offer state-sponsored retirement savings programs to those who don’t have access to a 401(k) plan at work.

Plus: How to explain the increased percentage of retired people?

Find me a retirement spot on the East Coast that ‘leans toward multicultural, progressive and educated,’ and has lots of golf

This reader says the real-estate agents he’s spoken with don’t understand what he’s looking for. The advice (paired with three suggestions): Instead of focusing on the amenities of a development, focus on the people.

Ditch the costly Uber habit

Prices for Uber

and Lyft

trips are rising, so customers are rediscovering taxis.

What to stream this weekend

“Cowboy Bepop” hit Netflix this month.

Netflix Inc.

Here’s what’s being dropped — and what’s coming in December — on Netflix , Amazon Prime
HBO Max and Hulu, plus the best of what was added this month.

Nailed for cheating the government

This Montana steakhouse owner admits using a $75,000 Covid-19 disaster relief loan to buy vintage cars. He’ll now have to forfeit them.

Read more tales of financial crime here.

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