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05 Oct, Wednesday
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Bull Trader USA

Personal Finance Daily: Are the holidays the right time to have the money talk with your parents? And 3 ways to get into crypto without actually buying it

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You only use one credit card? How my multiple-card strategy can make you more money this Black Friday

It’s all about coming up with a strategy to get back all the cash, miles or points that you can earn Read More

Will the Biden administration’s releasing 50 million barrels of oil lower gas prices? Don’t hold your breath

The national average price for a gallon of gas was $3.40 as of Tuesday — more than a $1 increase from a year ago, according to AAA. Read More

Dr. Fauci says ‘enjoy the holiday’ by following these Thanksgiving safety guidelines

The CDC has released safety guidelines for the holiday season Read More

Apple exec: No one is safe from climate change until the ‘most vulnerable’ communities are protected

‘You can’t separate justice from environmental health and environmental protection anymore,’ says Lisa Jackson, an Apple vice president and former EPA chief.
Read More

Cool and refined, the 2022 Volvo S90 is fun to drive, too

This often-overlooked option in midsize luxury sedans prioritizes safety and practicality, and it cost less than the BMW 5 Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class Read More

Are the holidays the right time to have the money talk with your parents?

It may be necessary if you don’t see your folks often or these are the first holidays you’ll be together since the pandemic started. But tread carefully. Read More

If you’re wary, here are 3 ways to get into crypto without actually buying it

For those investors who are cautiously curious, here are ways to gain exposure to crypto without buying it, or to lower your risk if you do. Read More

‘I’d prefer the money never hits our account’: My in-laws live with my wife and me. They want to use their 401(k) to pay off our mortgage. What should we do?

‘I am super grateful they are willing to do this for us, but it’s still not our money.’ Read More

Americans increasingly say they don’t plan to have kids — this is the No. 1 reason why

The U.S. birth rate in 2020 hit another record low. Read More

Here’s what Jerome Powell’s second term as Fed chief means for your wallet

Keeping Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell at the central bank’s top post is likely good news for the stock market, analysts say. Read More

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