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Retirement Weekly: News and analysis for those planning for or living in retirement

From MarketWatch:

Want to live in your home for the rest of your years? Here’s what it takes: Many Americans want to age in place, but there’s a lot to consider before doing so. 

Investing in private equity could boost retirement savings accounts: Private investments haven’t always been an option for Americans’ retirement portfolios, but now they may become more common of an option. 

Medicare may stop short at covering your eyes — what can you do?: Many people are surprised to learn Medicare doesn’t cover much for eyes but there are ways to keep your eyes healthy. 

Also on MarketWatch:

Coming soon to Fidelity 401(k) plans: annuities 

Worried about inflation? Buy these, says State Street 

Danny Glover on activism, being a citizen and his path through this world 

I want to retire in two years, my wife and I have $3 million saved but we’re worried about our son with special needs — what can we do?

Social Security proposal would raise revenue and temporarily enhance benefits

Your retirement plan can’t deliver financial certainty — here’s how to think about the big risk factors 

This horse trainer and country music singer is living her childhood dream 

More in retirement news:

The pandemic prompted people to retire early. Will they return to work? (The New York Times)

Pennsylvania Pension CIO Jim Grossman to retire amid federal probe (Wall Street Journal)

How much you need to retire: $33K is safe annual withdrawal on $1 million saving (

Want in on the great retirement boom? Here are the five things you should know (The Washington Post)

Retirement planning: How to retire at any age (Forbes)

What you should look for in a retirement community for yourself or a loved one (Fox 59)

Research and Insight:

Survey: More than half of American workers say they’re behind on retirement savings (Bankrate)

Family member availability predicts likelihood of unpaid care for people living with dementia (National Institute on Aging)

What would retirement income need to be/do? (NAPA)

Financial Focus: Retirees fear becoming a burden (Statesville Record & Landmark)

The economy, minimum wage and disability (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Can you leave cryptocurrency to your heirs? Hee’s how to do it safely 

6 myths about shingles, a virus that can strike at any age and at any time 

The 4% rule is being debated — again — but here’s what you should do 

Ethical investing is much easier than you think: 4 ways to fund your retirement and minimize harm to humanity 

Can Social Security afford all this federal spending

For minority business owners, it’s been a rough ride. Here’s where things stand now, and how older people of color can launch an idea 

Find out what Social Security know about you

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