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Personal Finance Daily: Mortgage rates surge higher as inflation pressures grow and Thanksgiving dinner will be more expensive than ever this year: report

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Apple’s repair program may be good news for consumers, but I embrace the right NOT to fix my iPhone — or anything else

‘It’s no longer enough to be handy with tools. You now may need to know computers to fix even a hair dryer.’ Read More

Credit scores hit an all-time high during the pandemic — will inflation bring them down? FICO’s CEO weighs in

Consumers with lower credit scores have seen the biggest jump in their scores. Read More

Mortgage rates surge higher as inflation pressures grow

A boost in the number of homes listed for sale could be a silver lining for buyers facing an affordability crunch. Read More

Do AI-powered lending algorithms silently discriminate? This initiative aims to find out

This week, we’re digging into the findings of a report working through these issues publicly — a rarity. Read More

Want to jump into crypto investing? Ask yourself these 3 questions first

The approach to investing in cryptocurrency isn’t so different from other investments that have a high-risk profile. Here’s what to consider. Read More

Give your car some love: 5 ways to extend its life another couple of years

With new car prices through the roof, put a little TLC and proactive maintenance into your current ride and you could fall in love with it all over again. Read More

Thanksgiving dinner will be more expensive than ever this year: report

Buying turkey and trimmings to feed 10 will cost $53.31 on average — 14% more than last year, Farm Bureau says, and the highest since it started tracking Read More

My catalytic converter just got stolen — what do I do next?

Theft of the vital auto part has been rising fast, leading to costly repairs and a lot of anxiety.
Read More

Would a beefed-up IRS bring in more tax revenue, as Biden says? Experts are divided

The Congressional Budget Office is expected to release new estimates by Friday on Build Back Better and how much cash auditing wealthy taxpayers would bring in. Read More

Anti-tax extremist hid his fortune from the IRS while living on food stamps, government says

Robert Lund, a successful tech consultant, amassed a 90-acre compound with a seven-bedroom house and airstrip, prosecutors say. Read More

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