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21 Sep, Thursday
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Bull Trader USA

The Margin: Porsh? These car companies top the most commonly misspelled brands online

Just because you know about a brand doesn’t mean you know how to spell it — especially if it’s a car company. 

Just ask the folks who search for “Porsh” or “Porsch” when they really mean German automaker Porsche, which is owned by Volkswagen
Or the ice cream lovers craving a pint of “Haagen Das” — or is it “Haagen Daaz?” Oops, nope, it’s actually Haagen-Dazs (whose rights are owned by Nestle

in the U.S.)

The business finance team at, an online credit broker and comparison service, tapped the online analytics tool Ahrefs to look up the most misspelled brand names on the internet to see where consumers are getting tripped up. 

The team referred to Forbes, LoveMoney and YouGov to create a comprehensive list of the biggest global brands, and then ran the names through the Ahrefs keyword explorer tool, to see how often these brands were misspelled between September 2020 and October 2021 when people searched for them on Google

Turns out, folks struggle to spell the names of car companies the most, as seven out of the 20 most misspelled brands in the report come from the automotive industry. What’s more, car makers drove away with the top three spots. 

South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai

was the most misspelled name on the list, averaging 605,000 incorrect global online searches per month. Folks looked up the incorrect “Hundai” 581,000 times a month on average, or “Hiundai” 24,000 times a month. 

Luxury sports car company Lamborghini, which is owned by Volkswagen subsidiary Audi, came in second place with 365,000 monthly misspelled searches. The “H” and the “R” were the tricky letters here, as the most common mistakes were “Lamborgini” (351,000 monthly searches) and “Lambogini” (14,000 monthly searches).


rounded out the top three with those troublesome “R’s” — “Ferari” was searched 123,000 times a month.

Alcohol brands Hennessy and Heineken also made the top five — the LVMH

cognac brand gets tripped up by sippers forgetting to double the “N” and the “S,” leading to “Henessy,” “Hennesy” and “Henesy” getting searched more than 95,000 times a month. Meanwhile, the Dutch brewer sees “Heinken” searched 90,000 times a month. 

Procter & Gamble’s

Gillette (mistaken for “Gillete,” “Gilette” or “Gilete”), wireless network operator Verizon

(aka “Verison”) and clothes retailer Uniqlo (“Uniclo,” “Unilo” and “Uniql”) also made the top 10. 

Here’s a look at the full list. 

These are the most misspelled brands on the internet.

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