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27 Sep, Wednesday
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Bull Trader USA

Personal Finance Daily: Older U.S. workers are ‘unretiring’ and New York doctor stole $3.7 million in COVID-19 relief money to buy yacht, luxury cars and Rolex watches, prosecutors say

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Older U.S. workers are ‘unretiring’

More than 3 million Americans retired earlier than they anticipated during the pandemic — but now some are trickling back into the labor force. Read More

The pandemic changed some small business owners’ attitudes about paid family leave

The House could vote this week on Build Back Better, which includes four weeks of paid family leave Read More

‘Greed over honesty’: New York doctor stole $3.7 million in COVID-19 relief money to buy yacht, luxury cars and Rolex watches, prosecutors say

Konstantinos Zarkadas admitted filing 11 phony applications for aid and using the money to finance what prosecutors said was a ‘luxury lifestyle.’ Read More

The 2022 Kia Seltos is stylish, practical and affordable

Most drivers in the market for a subcompact crossover will gladly overlook one or two faults in the Seltos, which are outshined by its many virtues. Read More

What’s happening to the Cadillac showrooms?

Finding a Cadillac showroom has gotten a lot more difficult over the last few years. Read More

‘This year, it’s the Wild West,’—what to expect from Black Friday in 2021

Here’s what some of those early promotions mean for you, and why you may want to consider whether they’re worth pursuing. Read More

Not everything is a deal on Black Friday: What to buy and what to skip for 2021

Here are a few things worth buying this Black Friday, and those that you may be better off waiting until they’re on sale in a few months. Read More

Housing inflation is getting worse. Will Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ program help renters and buyers?

Democrats have proposed various tools to combat rising housing costs, but some experts warn it might not be enough. Read More

Did the climate summit leave you anxious? You’re not alone — here are the most-Googled questions during COP26

Analysis of Google data reveals that online searches for the term “climate anxiety” worldwide exploded by some 900% compared with this time last year. Read More

America’s rich will owe more in taxes under Biden’s latest plan — but are they the only ones?

New estimates from the Tax Policy Center say the top 1% — households making at least $885,000 a year — could pay an extra $55,000 in taxes next year. Read More

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